GLOW – Anish Kapoor

The work by Anish Kapoor, ‘Glow’, made of fiberglass and acrylic, is part of ‘In-Finitum’, an exhibition held in the magnificent Fortuny Palace to explore the category of the infinite in its different aspects, from the non-finite to the unlimited. The stars, galaxies and nebula constitute scientific data, but also provide information about the infinity of the cosmos. The absence of the artist, a sense of existing in the ‘beyond’ is strongly part of ‘Glow’, but also of ‘Enmaten’ by Kazuo Shiraga, both works in which all references to the creation process seem to have dissolved. Kapoor’s pieces are often simple, curved forms, usually monochrome, and frequently brightly colored. Powdered pigments sometimes cover the works and sometimes lie on the floor around the works as well. This practice is inspired by the mounds of brightly coloured pigments Kapoor saw on his visits to India.