UNTITLED – Marinellia Pirelli

For the opening evening of MiArt, Marinellia Pirelli proposes an artwork-performance – her last one – of painted slides’ projections that materialize through the action of a group of sbandieratori [flag throwers]. They throw large white cloths up in the air to intercept the beam of colored light. From the interview by Gisella Gellini with the artist: ‘After an initial painting experience, I always dealt with light, color, movement and perception. I experimented with different technologies through the years to transmit the perceptions I had in my mind, but I didn’t lose control over technology. I was always interested in what the spectator saw and ‘felt’ with the eyes of imagination. At the beginning, it was harder because of the more rudimental technical instruments that were more difficult to use. Then, the people that should have supplied me with the materials didn’t want to understand what I had in mind… It is a long story and you know…’.