LIGHT PULSE – Nicola Evangelisti

NICOLA EVANGELISTI* – Light Pulse, 2010
Plexiglas, laser beam projector, steel. Height: 2.83 cm.
Technical sponsor: NeonStile, Hololab.

According to medieval metaphysics, the body of the universe is determined because it manifests itself, it ‘appears’, being its primary form, the light-lux, self-manifestative. It is quantified because matter cannot infinitely expand and therefore it stops the drive of the light-lux towards infinite expansion. The regularization that matter causes on the chaotic flow of light and the control that it has on it by framing and blocking its lateral diffusion through the reflecting surfaces of its geometric body, makes it the vector and the propagator of light itself in verticality.

* in collaboration with Mauro Melotti
sound component by Tibe